Cern's LHC hit with the same CERN technology by Greek hackers

15/09/2008 Written by SyS64738 (Roberto Preatoni)

construction_of_lhc_at_cernThe phan­tomatic Higgs boson still has no face, as the Cern’s LHC (Large Hadron Col­lider) didn’t pro­duce yet the planned pro­tons col­li­sions. Mean­while Cern’s web­site lost his own face, due to a Greek group of defac­ers called GST (Greek Secu­rity Team).

The defac­ers left a home­page mes­sage in Greek lan­guage. While when we learned about the CERN deface­ment every­body here was think­ing about a polit­i­cally, eth­i­cally or sci­en­tif­i­cally moti­vated attack, once trans­lated, the mes­sage left by the defac­ers embraces the usual top­ics so much loved by true script kid­dies: we are the best, you are the worst, we are leet, you are lame, we are 2600 (I won­der if these guys actu­ally know what 2600 means in the hacker world…), irc wars.… blah blah blah.

… continue

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Yet another Microsoft defacement

30/07/2008 Written by SyS64738

winlogoOnce again Microsoft got defaced by means of SQL Injec­tion. Few days ago a defacer known as Agd_​Scorp defaced 6 Microsoft web­sites.
Few years ago, Microsoft was the tar­get of the attacks mostly because defac­ers liked Linux more. Now it is just “for fame”. Also in this case defacer didn’t leave any mes­sage.
The defacer also attacked many high pro­file com­pa­nies and other inter­est­ing tar­gets (for exam­ple, https://​dol​.hqda​.pen​ta​gon​.mil) by means of SQL Injec­tion as to demon­strate that some­times peo­ple are not check­ing the source code well enough…

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HITB Security Conference 2008 in Malaysia

25/07/2008 Written by minor

 If you still didn’t have vaca­tions, maybe it is worth to wait until the end of the Octo­ber and visit the Hack In The Box con­fer­ence in Malaysia. Let’s take a look on some of the speak­ers and their top­ics.

Prob­a­bly one of the most inter­est­ing top­ics will be intro­duced by Kris Kasper­sky, he will talk about the Intel CPU bugs that lead to remote code exe­cu­tion regard­less to the oper­at­ing sys­tem used and show attacks based on JavaScript or just TCP/​IP pack­ets against Intel based machine.

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Malaysian Kaspersky website and shop hacked. Users at risk?

20/07/2008 Written by Roberto Preatoni

kasperskyThe offi­cial Malaysian Kasper­sky Antivirus’s web­site has been hacked yes­ter­day by a Turk­ish cracker going by the han­dle of “m0sted”.

Along with it, the same cracker hacked also the offi­cial Kasper­sky S.E.S. online shop and its sev­eral other subdomains.

The attacker reported “patri­o­tism” as the rea­son behind the attack and “SQL Injec­tion” as the tech­ni­cal way the intru­sion was performed.

Both web­sites has been home page defaced as well as sev­eral other sec­ondary pages. The inci­dent, though appear­ing a sim­ple web­site deface­ment, might carry along big risks for end-​users because from both the web­sites, eval­u­a­tion copies of the Kasper­sky Antivirus are dis­trib­uted to the pub­lic. In the­ory, the attacker could have uploaded tro­janized ver­sions of the antivirus, infect­ing in this way the unaware users attempt­ing a down­load from a trusted Kaspersky’s file repos­i­tory (remem­ber the tro­jan in the Debian file repository?).

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Blogless blogs, Olympic blogs the Chinese way

15/07/2008 Written by SyS64738 (Roberto Preatoni)

beijing_olympic_08For all you folks, fan of the civil lib­er­ties as well as the Olympic games, here’s the inte­gral text of the Inter­na­tional Olympic Com­mit­tee Blog­ging Guide­lines for the accred­ited per­sons. It’s the per­fect com­pan­ion of the recent deci­sion from the Olympic Chi­nese Com­mit­tee to ban the flags from the stadiums.

As you will read, blogs are admit­ted but:

– should not con­tain infor­ma­tion not related to strictly per­sonal experience
– should not con­tain sound or mov­ing images from the Olympic Games
– should not con­tain still images con­tain­ing any sport­ing action of the
Games or the Open­ing, Clos­ing or Medal Cer­e­monies of the Games.
– should not con­tain the Olympic symbol
– should not con­tain com­mer­cial ref­er­ences (Blogspot, bye bye!)
– should not con­tain the word “Olympic” within the blog URL

But you are lucky, still you can use your plain white Olympic blog home­page to test the bright­ness of your screen.

… enjoy and please com­ment the offi­cial text

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