Confidence 2009 in Cracovia

19/05/2009 Written by Boris Mutina (minor)

Once again I was lucky to attend really per­fect secu­rity con­fer­ence and here are some notes from there. Con­fi­dence is the one really high-​profile con­fer­ence in Cen­tral Europe. The strongest “mag­nets” this year were Bruce Schneier and Joanna Rutkowska. Here are few notes from this event.

Day 1
Since I didn’t knew any­thing about the road recon­struc­tion that is tak­ing place now in Poland, I arrived to the con­fer­ence venue too late and missed those “magnets”.

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Microsoft, HSBC, Sony, Coca-Cola(...) New Zealand hacked - UPDATED

21/04/2009 Written by Marcelo Almeida and Kevin Fernandez

Ear­lier today some Turk­ish defac­ers broke into the New Zealand based reg­is­trar Domainz​.net (which belongs to Mel­bourneIT) and redi­rected some of their cus­tomers’ high pro­file web sites to a third party server with a defaced page. Com­pa­nies which had their New Zealand web sites defaced include Microsoft, HSBC, Coca-​Cola, F-​secure, Bit­de­fender, Sony and Xerox.

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Army Mil and NATO Parliament hacked by Turks

08/01/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

es-intifada390The Turk­ish defacer going by the han­dle of Agd_​Scorp hacked and defaced the US Army Mil web­site mdw​.army​.mil and NATO Par­lia­ment www​.nato​-pa​.int protest­ing for the Israeli attacks on the Pales­tin­ian ter­ri­tory.

The deface­ments (view­able by click­ing here and here) reports mes­sages in Turk­ish in sup­port of the Intifada as well as an Eng­lish mes­sage stating:

“Stop attacks u israel and usa ! you cursed nations ! one day mus­lims will clean the world from you”

Sta­tis­tics related to the Turk­ish Agd_​Scorp cracker can be viewed by click­ing here.


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Israel-Hamas war goes hi-tech

08/01/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

hackedAs Wired reported “Israeli Defense Forces took over Hamas’ Al-​Aqsa tele­vi­sion sta­tion over the week­end — the lat­est blow in a increasingly-​sophisticated infor­ma­tion war over Gaza. The chan­nel became infa­mous in 2007 for broad­cast­ing a children’s show fea­tur­ing “Far­four,” an anti-​semitic Mickey Mouse look-​a-​like.

But the Israeli mil­i­tary con­sid­ered al-​Aqsa to be a seri­ous enough pro­pa­ganda threat that the station’s main stu­dios were hit on the sec­ond day of the lat­est air cam­paign against Hamas.According to Israel’s Chan­nel 10, the IDF hacked into Al-​Aqsa Sun­day, and began broad­cast­ing an ani­mated clip of Hamas’ lead­er­ship being gunned down. “Time is run­ning out,” the clip warned, in Arabi. The day before, AFP reports, a “broad­cast on Al-​Aqsa tele­vi­sion was inter­rupted with an image of a ring­ing phone that no one was answer­ing.” ‘Hamas lead­ers are hid­ing and they are leav­ing you on the front line,’” a voice in “Hebrew-​accented Ara­bic” said. Sim­i­lar mes­sages were sent out on Al-​Aqsa radio, as well.”

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FINAL UPDATE: A good reason not to buy from

12/12/2008 Written by Roberto Preatoni

lightI was quite unsure if writ­ing this arti­cle or not, but after all, this is a cyber­crime archive and frauds based on the Inter­net are still cyber-​crimes. Being Zone​-​H​.org vis­ited by a very large amount of daily vis­i­tors, includ­ing police forces and jour­nal­ists I though that per­haps by post­ing my per­sonal expe­ri­ence with the Light­inthe­box Chi­nese dropshipper/​wholesaler on this web­site might help oth­ers to avoid the same trou­bles I experienced.

Every­thing started Decem­ber 2nd when, after look­ing in the local Chi­na­town shops I real­ized that the item I wanted to give as a Xmas gift to my son (and maybe to myself too) a cool cell­phone watch, was already sold out. So I decided to buy it online from one of the many Chi­nese whole­salers, specif­i­cally from www​.light​inthe​box​.com. I checked before on the Inter­net about com­ments or fraud reports regard­ing that com­pany and, as I expected, I found out sev­eral com­ments stat­ing mixed feel­ings as you can expect when we are talk­ing about online com­merce (neg­a­tive com­ments might be also posted by your angry competitors)…

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