FBI Jobs site gets hacked

10/09/2009 Written by Marcelo Almeida (Vympel)

“The FBI (Fed­eral Bureau of Inves­ti­ga­tion) is seek­ing a senior secu­rity con­sul­tant for a per­ma­nent posi­tion.” This is prob­a­bly the next job offer that will appear on the FBI job site (fbi​jobs​.gov) as they got defaced yesterday.

A turk­ish crew, known as turkgu​ven​ligi​.info, man­aged to exploit a SQL injec­tion flaw and insert a record that redi­rected the “events” page to an image with their site name.

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One sided hacktivism (updated)

22/06/2009 Written by Roberto Preatoni

Since Zone-​H started its mir­ror­ing activ­ity of deface­ments, it always wit­nessed any sort of hack­tivism. Sure, most of the times defac­ers are/​were/​will be just defac­ing *just for the plea­sure of it* but when it comes the time of big protests related to world’s events, we are used to see both reg­u­lar defac­ers or improvized cyber pro­test­ers tak­ing a stand and spell out their dis­ap­point­ments by post­ing some­thing using the deface­ment media.

Because… yes.… deface­ment is a media, it has been proven in sev­eral occa­sion that by defac­ing just one well tar­geted web­site, defac­ers were capa­ble to attract the atten­tion of reg­u­lar medias which were report­ing his mes­sage to the world.

Today, I was read­ing the news related to the clashes hap­pen­ing right now after the results of the Iran­ian polit­i­cal elec­tion which has been won by Mah­moud Ahmadine­jad with a per­cent­age that usu­ally belongs only to coun­tries ruled by a strong dic­ta­tor­ship and that any sort of sta­tis­ti­cal analy­sis would label at least as an *anomaly*.

But what hap­pened in the cyber-​world? Did we wit­ness any sort of dig­i­tal protest as we used to see in the past like those related to the Kash­mir dis­pute? Or some­thing like the Eston­ian bronze statue protest? Or even the Prophet Mohammed car­toon protest?

So this morn­ing I woke up with the wish to check the on-​hold mir­rors to see if some voices were rais­ing in the cyber world.…

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UPDATED: Yet another embarassing data leakage

03/06/2009 Written by Boris Mutina (minor)

Sen­si­tive data leak­age is noth­ing new, it’s some­times pretty embarass­ing, when you real­ize the lack of what we call secu­rity aware­ness. Slo­va­kia is not an excep­tion at all when dis­cussing the secu­rity inci­dents, just to men­tion inter­est­ing inci­dent related to Slo­vak National Secu­rity Author­ity, or the dis­clo­sure of the whole cell­phone num­ber data­base of one oper­a­tor, nat­u­rally also with the secret num­bers of the politi­cians and other impor­tant persons.

One of the last really stu­pid inci­dents hap­pened again online: secret ser­vice employee was fired after he posted his photo on pop­u­lar dat­ing web­site. The photo was found by his co-​workers…

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Oh dear, spammers gave us a good laugh!

28/05/2009 Written by SyS64738

Today, for the sec­ond time we received a mail (call it spam) from a com­pany named Owen Media Part­ners. The mail is basi­cally say­ing that given the fact that they saw a link in our archives point­ing at a web­site sim­i­lar to their own, they request us to add also their URL in our archives.

I bet they didn’t under­stand what a deface­ment archive is. Given the fact that in two weeks I got their spam mail twice, we decided to make them happy, and to host a link to their web­site… by mak­ing this news. We are always keen to help proac­tive peo­ple pro­mot­ing their activities!

Hey, if you didn’t real­ize yet, we are a bit iron­i­cal here.

Here is the hilar­i­ous text of the email we just received (at least for us, given that zone-​h is a cyber­crime archive)…

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Government website of Jordan used for phishing

27/05/2009 Written by Boris Mutina (minor)

The phish­ing scams are quite com­mon in our mail­boxes, among them Pay­Pal related are the ones most used and the less to be believed. Any­way it might appear to be use­ful to observe those scams and thanks to this one of the lat­est phish­ing attempts appeared to be really interesting.

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